1. Terrence Phillips
    Born and raised in California, Terrence came to Columbia to attend the University of Missouri. He quickly fell in love with the city and considers Columbia his second home.
  2. Ashley Reed
    Born and raised in Northwest Missouri, Ashley came to Columbia to attend school at the University of Missouri. After graduation, she has decided to call Columbia home.
As a non-profit organization, Beyond The Ball runs solely from the generosity and good will of the members of our community. The donations we receive go towards funding event drives, community projects, and helping children in the area. Every penny donated aids in our continuous journey to enrich the lives of children.  

Our primary flagship event is a back-to-school backpack and school supply drive. Followed shortly after by a Christmas Toy Drive. The donations are distributed to the children at events where the children can not only recieve the gifts, but also come together with their families for an afternoon of fun.

Beyond The Ball is a nonprofit corporation.